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Our Partnership with You

We know you are facing an unfamiliar and difficult time in your life, and we look forward to doing all that we can to achieve positive results for you.  We treat the lawyer-client relationship as a working partnership, and want to be open and realistic from the beginning of each matter.  In an effort to let you know what you can expect from our partnership, we have prepared the following description of how we work with clients:

1.  We keep in regular communication with our clients.  We shall send you copies of all appropriate legal documents and letters for purposes of keeping you informed of what we are doing on your behalf.  If we need to expedite matters, there may be no cover letter.  Please call with questions.

2. We have developed checklists and worksheets for securing information and making sure that we cover the many items related to a divorce.  These also are a mechanical means of holding down legal costs.

3.  It helps us if clients use the following decision-making process:

  1. State the problem.
  2. State the options.
  3. State the pros and cons.
  4. Consider the chance for success vs. the relative cost of each option.
  5. Consider the lawyer's advice.
  6. Make a decision.

4.  We sell ideas, energy, work, analysis, and knowledge, but not time.

5.  We work with clients to create budgets and make adjustments in costs as we go.

6.  We request that you maintain a chronological personal file on your matter and we recommend that you keep the file in a secure place.  Your file will be a helpful reference as we proceed.

7.  We have responsibilities to other clients and become involved in hearings, trials or other matters that require our professional attention for concentrated periods.  We continually try to give prompt attention to each client and we attempt to balance our priorities.

8.  We encourage you to deal with our staff.  They have substantial skills and experience, and can be helpful on many matters.  They also know their limits, however, and will refer you to lawyers when necessary.

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