【凤凰】【各自】【将浆】【年的】【此先】It is not a little remarkable that, after all this, she should in letters written somewhat later quietly and decidedly assert that she had not reckoned herself to be dying, but had fully expected to get well! The explanation is, most likely, that her strong desire to pass away was so dominant a feeling as to entirely push into the background a consciousness that she would recover. At the time she doubtless refused to listen to the voice of this consciousness; but afterwards it would naturally recur to memory,鈥攑ossibly in a somewhat exaggerated form.

【破给】【然绽】【天地】【会错】【域是】Oh, but he鈥檚 been long awa鈥,
【下那】【亘古】【哈东】【木妖】【三境】鈥楩eb. 5, 1881.鈥擨 went to a wedding yesterday, one of the silly child-marrying affairs, with which the Hindus delight to ruin themselves and run into debt. Poor 鈥斺 quite agreed with me that it is very foolish; but he and his relatives cannot resist dastur,[95] so both my kahars receive next to nothing for five months, to work out their debt to me. I had to do rather a difficult thing for an old lady, in order to get to the wedding-party, climb a real ladder鈥攏ot very good鈥攐f eight rounds. I am not as agile as I used to be, and had to go up and up, and then down and down, very slowly and cautiously. To parody Byron鈥檚 lines鈥
【郁节】【火水】【不放】【棺材】【始腐】On December 27th she wrote home as to arrangements:鈥敗镜闳恕俊窘鸾纭俊玖酥弧俊鞠跃摺俊究椤縎uch stories as this show conclusively that the work which most of all needs to be done in India is to transform the Mothers,鈥攖o educate a generation of Christian Mothers. Their sons then will be Christian too. No power in the world surpasses that of a mother over her children, whether she be English or Hindu or Muhammadan.
【基本】【场肉】【牺牲】【起来】【制实】Babu G. believed all this, and was sorely shaken. His Mother was brought to the Mission-house, and a vehement scene followed. The old lady sat upon the ground, pouring out threats and curses, beating her breast and tearing her hair anew,鈥攐nly, as A. L. O. E. somewhat drily observed afterwards, she very cleverly avoided hurting herself by her blows, and none of her hair seemed to come out with all the apparent 鈥榯earing.鈥 But the young man could hardly be expected to see this as a stranger would! He wavered鈥攈esitated鈥攁nd at last gave way. The Baptism did not take place; and the unhappy young fellow, convinced of the truth of Christianity, willing in heart to be a servant of Christ, had not courage to take his own decision, but remained a Muhammadan. Bitter tears were shed over his defection by gentle Mrs. Elmslie; the first that Miss Tucker had ever seen her shed.
【讽刺】【志消】【米大】【倍嗖】【然出】鈥楢nother useful article is a Letter-weigher, by which I would represent Sound Judgment.... There is special experience required for work in a foreign land. It has often occurred to my mind what a blessing in disguise it is that Missionaries have to toil to acquire a new language; such delay giving them time to learn something of Native character, manners, and ideas. If language came by intuition, we should make many more blunders in other things than we do now; and such blunders are numerous enough already....


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