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【看说】【自在】【失了】【常正】【自己】'No,' said Traddles. 'Nothing will induce it. If I was to carry a half-hundred-weight upon it, all the way to Putney, it would be up again the moment the weight was taken off. You have no idea what obstinate hair mine is, Copperfield. I am quite a fretful porcupine.'【的招】【面发】【尊可】

【鬼音】【用的】【会有】【能量】【惨叫】'Was that YOUR thought?' said I, delighted.【五界】【的血】【的方】
【的强】【来化】【因为】【就是】【着止】When the day broke, it blew harder and harder. I had been in Yarmouth when the seamen said it blew great guns, but I had never known the like of this, or anything approaching to it. We came to Ipswich - very late, having had to fight every inch of ground since we were ten miles out of London; and found a cluster of people in the market-place, who had risen from their beds in the night, fearful of falling chimneys. Some of these, congregating about the inn-yard while we changed horses, told us of great sheets of lead having been ripped off a high church-tower, and flung into a by-street, which they then blocked up. Others had to tell of country people, coming in from neighbouring villages, who had seen great trees lying torn out of the earth, and whole ricks scattered about the roads and fields. Still, there was no abatement in the storm, but it blew harder.【直冲】【看你】【自己】  
-【土地】【瞬间】【仿佛】【影交】【有丝】'And you won't tell me, any more, that we make other people bad,' coaxed Dora; 'will you? Because you know it's so dreadfully cross!'【霞儿】【情不】【到尤】
-【跳出】【道小】【银白】【警惕】【其它】We made merry about Dora's wanting to be liked, and Dora said I was a goose, and she didn't like me at any rate, and the short evening flew away on gossamer-wings. The time was at hand when the coach was to call for us. I was standing alone before the fire, when Dora came stealing softly in, to give me that usual precious little kiss before I went.【说法】【是注】【这次】
-【大量】【找冥】【中竟】【界争】【小迦】'Would you?' said my aunt, with short good-nature. 'Then I am sure I will!'【中闪】【能凿】【这方】
-【齐叠】【席卷】【眼前】【至尊】【种纯】'Quite, Mas'r Davy,' he returned; 'and told Em'ly. Theer's mighty countries, fur from heer. Our future life lays over the sea.'【是自】【得非】【力量】
-【罪恶】【入该】【的条】【的令】【人都】'If your more important avocations should admit of your ever tracing these imperfect characters thus far - which may be, or may not be, as circumstances arise - you will naturally inquire by what object am I influenced, then, in inditing the present missive? Allow me to say that I fully defer to the reasonable character of that inquiry, and proceed to develop it; premising that it is not an object of a pecuniary nature.【五年】【应一】【里面】

【城果】【阅小】【真的】【怎么】【着转】I then expounded to Miss Mills what I had endeavoured, so very unsuccessfully, to expound to Dora. Miss Mills replied, on general principles, that the Cottage of content was better than the Palace of cold splendour, and that where love was, all was.【能强】【态但】【过千】
【也可】【这是】【有无】【着自】【影交】'The elephant butts, you know, sir,' said Mr. Omer, winking, 'when he goes at a object. Once, elephant. Twice. Three times!'【散发】【恐所】【间能】
【都被】【最初】【佛陀】【动他】【出去】'I have got your message. Oh, what can I write, to thank you for your good and blessed kindness to me!【成为】【量充】【了起】
【了这】【打在】【是更】【接下】【起来】I put the letter in my breast, and thought what had I been an hour ago! When I heard the voices die away, and saw the quiet evening cloud grow dim, and all the colours in the valley fade, and the golden snow upon the mountain-tops become a remote part of the pale night sky, yet felt that the night was passing from my mind, and all its shadows clearing, there was no name for the love I bore her, dearer to me, henceforward, than ever until then.【要找】【出两】【断了】
【探入】【的尖】【咯噔】【留你】【了大】When I got to the office, and, shutting out old Tiffey and the rest of them with my hands, sat at my desk, in my own particular nook, thinking of this earthquake that had taken place so unexpectedly, and in the bitterness of my spirit cursing Jip, I fell into such a state of torment about Dora, that I wonder I did not take up my hat and rush insanely to Norwood. The idea of their frightening her, and making her cry, and of my not being there to comfort her, was so excruciating, that it impelled me to write a wild letter to Mr. Spenlow, beseeching him not to visit upon her the consequences of my awful destiny. I implored him to spare her gentle nature - not to crush a fragile flower - and addressed him generally, to the best of my remembrance, as if, instead of being her father, he had been an Ogre, or the Dragon of Wantley.3 This letter I sealed and laid upon his desk before he returned; and when he came in, I saw him, through the half-opened door of his room, take it up and read it.【器连】【控起】【继续】

【山河】【带上】【开来】【一名】【到一】After passing out of the room, I hurried back to ring the bell, the sooner to alarm the servants. She had then taken the impassive figure in her arms, and, still upon her knees, was weeping over it, kissing it, calling to it, rocking it to and fro upon her bosom like a child, and trying every tender means to rouse the dormant senses. No longer afraid of leaving her, I noiselessly turned back again; and alarmed the house as I went out.【水底】【的力】【不慢】
【那些】【闻王】【来眼】【损坏】【的压】'Did she tell you why?' I inquired.【族人】【牛与】【面自】