【小白】【容简】【大能】【目亦】【没周】Bond carried his clubs to the professional's shop and through to the workroom. Alfred Blacking was winding a new grip on to a driver.【去沾】【伯仲】【大屏】

【至尊】【崛起】【个机】【发起】【砸中】Goldfinger didn't look up from his cards. Bond strolled down the roof, past the occasional splayed-out body, to the rail at the far end that overlooked the pool. For a time he stood and contemplated the ranks of pink and brown and white flesh laid out below him on the steamer chairs. The heavy scent of suntan oil came up to him. There were a few children and young people in the pool. A man, obviously a professional diver, perhaps the swimming instructor, stood on the high-dive. He balanced on the balls of his feet, a muscled Greek god with golden hair. He bounced once, casually, and flew off and down, his arms held out like wings. Lazily they arrowed out to cleave the water for the body to pass through. The impact left only a brief turbulence. The diver jack-knifed up again, shaking his head boyishly. There was a smattering of applause. The man trudged slowly down the pool, his head submerged, his shoulders moving with casual power. Bond thought, good luck to you! You won't be able to keep this up for more than another five or six years. High-divers couldn't take it for long - the repeated shock to the skull. With ski-jumping, which had the same shattering effect on the frame, high-diving was the shortest-lived sport. Bond radioed to the diver, 'Cash in quick! Get into films while the hair's still gold.'【没有】【狂而】【了第】

【立竿】【他想】【强横】【败和】【势不】The telephone rang. Colonel Smithers impatiently snatched up the receiver. 'Smithers speaking.' He listened, irritation growing on his face. 'I'm sure I sent you a note about the summer fixtures, Miss Philby. The next match is on Saturday against the Discount Houses.' He listened again. "Well, if Mrs Flake won't play goals, I'm afraid she'll have to stand down. It's the only position on the field we've got for her. Everybody can't play centre forward. Yes, please do. Say I'll be greatly obliged if just this once. I'm sure she'll be very good - right figure and all that. Thank you, Miss Philby.'【空间】【不一】【科技】

【的炸】【脑来】【衍天】【本身】【造的】They laughed. 'Sure is, Cap'n.'【杀了】【也不】【刀一】

【出去】【级了】【有回】【直到】【五年】Bond took his place, gave himself a lowish tee, addressed the ball with careful enmity and, with a flat, racket-player's swing in which there was just too much wrist for safety, lashed the ball away. It was a fine, attacking drive that landed past Goldfinger's ball and rolled on fifty yards. But it had had a shade of draw and ended on the edge of the left-hand rough.【晓但】【了我】【撑不】


【几分】【泉竟】【能心】【要强】【其他】Mr Midnight said nastily, 'Glad he's out. He's strictly a four-ulcer man. Now then' - he got up briskly and turned to Bond - 'how about a little drink?'【令胸】【诧异】【大魔】

【依依】【部在】【郁的】【方向】【让古】The navigator answered quickly, 'Just had one from Washington, sir. Five minutes to five am. Dawn at this level will be in about an hour.'【成为】【并且】【开胶】


【一把】【价这】【则的】【不是】【由得】Bond said impatiently, 'Clear the line, please.'【然变】【剧增】【解除】

【重双】【点的】【以长】【出所】【新章】Goldfinger picked up his cards and began to arrange his hand. 'I have no idea,' he said equably.【大普】【战剑】【黝黑】

【的注】【么声】【以让】【是不】【的纯】'If you've been playing with the same man all the time, you've been cheated.'【全不】【要黑】【来得】

【一瞬】【多天】【入了】【被毁】【战场】The face was still expressionless. Slowly the big round head bent forward and then straightened itself.【开始】【用相】【陀的】

【应该】【脱离】【野又】【佛太】【访冥】And now? In the driver's seat sat a figure in a cafe-au-lait dust coat and cap, his big round face obscured by black-rimmed driving goggles. Beside him was a squat figure in black with a bowler hat placed firmly on the middle of his head. The two figures stared straight in front of them with a curious immobility. It was almost as if they were driving a hearse.【找他】【战争】【祖所】

【就反】【杀念】【了作】【的得】【空慢】BOND LIKED anonymity. His 'Yes, it is' was discouraging.【尊强】【紫突】【一个】

【走到】【人人】【容犹】【很远】【通冲】Bond felt boredom gathering in the corners of the room. He said encouragingly, 'It seems that you are to tell me all about gold."【种错】【说也】【物质】

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