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【之势】【下不】[294]【何方】【应该】【语表】【尾把】Later in the same letter, a long and cheery one, bearing no signs of fatigue, she speaks of Mr. George Bowen, an American Missionary, who had 鈥榣aboured without intermission for twenty-eight years鈥 in the East, and who[200] was known among Natives as 鈥榯he English Faqir,鈥 on account of his wandering and self-denying life.【开拓】

【死死】【主脑】鈥樷淣o,鈥 he frankly owned; but he could learn; he would take pains.【非常】【桥散】【探自】【提升】【天的】

【向古】【去控】鈥楩eb. 7.鈥擯erhaps you will be glad to hear that all our attempts to find a companion for me at Batala have failed. Poor 鈥斺 must go back to England; it was a mistake ever to have sent out so delicate a lady. Miss 鈥斺 with whom I was in treaty, is going home too. Mrs. 鈥斺 has been secured for another station.... Perhaps I have been too ready to say to myself, 鈥淭here is no place on earth where I can be so useful as at Batala.鈥 I must come down a little, which is wholesome. But I have not any sense of defeat; no, thank God,鈥攅very visit to Batala, it seems as if fresh ground had been gained. The waves retreat again and again, while the tide is advancing.... I believe that a far better spirit, a spirit of kindness towards us, a lessening of prejudice, a most encouraging readiness to listen, is now spreading in Batala.[72] Maulvi Z. felt the difference. B鈥攏 feels the difference. I believe that there will be real regret at our leaving Batala. Dear B鈥攏!... I had brought for B鈥攏鈥檚 children two gay little coverlets.... B鈥攏 took them and wrapped them round the plump little girls as chaddahs. I think that he was quite pleased....【深吸】【控起】【有半】【惧意】【得让】【都是】【战斗】【临近】【又一】【然还】【选择】【传的】

【未曾】【时他】鈥極ur Church-building is growing rapidly under Herbert鈥檚 auspices. The 鈥淢ission Plough鈥 too surprises me by its growth. I hear that there are 105 boys there now. But we have not a sufficiently strong staff of teachers. The Inspector (Government) was pleased with the school, but said that we should have a stronger staff. We know that too.鈥櫋静畈弧俊敬堪住俊痉梢弧俊镜纳恕库楾he Corfields gave me a box of soap,鈥攆ragrant, and typical of cleansing. Miss Wright, a pretty little box of vaseline. This pleased me particularly. I have said, and I think written, that every Missionary should have a box of ointment, symbol of peace-keeping and peace-making! Now I have one myself. Minnie gave pens. May I make a good use of them!... Dear Babu Singha has given me a hand-pankah (fan), which I waved gratefully in church this morning. This is an emblem of refreshment in oppressive heat....【位甚】

【间十】【时打】For some time past Charlotte Tucker had been watching with great interest the movements of the Salvation Army in India; at first with a disposition to admire and approve, which tendency gave place gradually to strong disapproval, as she saw more of the methods employed, and found the exceedingly defective nature of the religious teaching given.【子走】【您的】【陀大】【的最】鈥榃e decked the little sleeping form with flowers; a rose was placed in each hand, a fragrant white Cross on the breast.... I attended the funeral; so did a good band of Native Christians, including our schoolboys. The cemetery was a Muhammadan one. We must buy one for ourselves, as we are, thank God, a growing body. I hope that in another month we may number fifty baptized persons in Batala; and I have lately been writing out the heading for a Subscription for a Church at our dear Batala. We have now only schoolrooms turned into Chapels. My list is to lie on our table for visitors to see. Perhaps it will be one or two years before we have collected enough; and by that time, please God, the flock may have doubled or quadrupled.【重天】


【千紫】【不停】【如果】【队就】【从她】【开始】鈥楤atala, Jan. 16, 1879.鈥擬ine own Laura, how could you write regarding the little meeting, at which you and sweet Margaret were, 鈥淲ould you not like to be in my shoes at the time, and hold your darling friend in your arms?鈥 I would much rather have been in Margaret鈥檚 shoes, and have held some one else in my arms,鈥攐nly for the wrench that would have followed! But O love, we are travelling in the same train, only in different carriages; and I am thankful that though we cannot see each other, we can as it were talk to each other out of the windows. What a blessing the Post is!鈥櫋舅母觥

【了大】【一个】鈥業 saw the poor fellow by the tank yesterday morning, and went out and spoke to him. I invited him to come to morning prayers. Rather to my surprise, the dear man really did come. He must be a wondrously meek Brahmin; for he seated himself on the floor amongst the servants, labourers, etc., apparently quite forgetful of the tremendous difference between their castes and his own. Mr. Beutel makes morning family prayers almost like a regular service. He not only reads the Bible, but expounds. I had asked him, for my Brahmin鈥檚 sake, to make his address as Punjabish as possible; so he stuck in Punjabi words where he could. My Brahmin looked very attentive. He has a sort of childlike readiness to listen, looking full at you when you speak; and his face quite brightening as if with pleasure when you talk of a Saviour. It must be all so strangely new to him! I wonder if he will come again....【出现】【己领】【是骇】【的能】鈥楯an. 9, 1878.鈥擧urrah! the box has come! It is in process of being opened.【关心】

【土的】【身体】【睛直】【八重】【尊级】【军队】The last dictated letter of Charlotte Tucker was to her niece, Mrs. J. Boswell, on the 21st of November:鈥敗拘朔堋

【然是】【丈大】鈥楯uly 29, 1879.【眼神】【整个】【了心】【说太】So intense was the joy that it had a remarkable result. It appeared to take the same effect as a powerful stimulant upon her sinking strength. The very delight which she had in dying brought her back to life; the very rapture with which she desired to go kept her from going.【座石】


【到深】【把目】These do not make the Gentleman, whate鈥檈r his station be!【出箭】【前找】【永远】【水浆】【你们】【能量】【难跟】【愈烈】【尊哪】【然感】【象身】Others were not so sure. Mrs. Elmslie wrote on the 8th of December to Mrs. Hamilton: 鈥業 agree with you that your beloved sister鈥檚 power lies in gifts which can be used to perhaps greater influence here than in an out-station. This isolation from European society is not what I should have chosen for one who can exercise so much influence for good among her own countrymen; and whose pen can do more for India than perhaps the lives of many others.鈥 No doubt this view of the question weighed greatly in the judgment of many. For one who can[240] write books suitable to Indian requirements, there are scores of Missionaries who can with ease learn the Native languages, and who can visit and teach in Zenanas, perhaps far more effectually than A.L.O.E. did.【地这】

【剑尖】【达时】【在源】【一阵】【间属】【折断】鈥楧ec. 4, 1876.鈥擨 have this morning read your loving expostulation to Margaret and myself regarding Batala. You think that your strong point is my unfitness for an out-station. But, sweet one, you forget that I am so specially fitted, by age, for the post, that if I were to draw back, the whole promising plan might fall to the ground. The Natives reverence grey hairs; and I dare say that some of them will pet me. As for the language, I manage to get on after a fashion, and smiles go a good way.【散发】

【要好】【目之】【的气】【来变】【我的】【支当】鈥楾he warm dress which you have so very kindly procured for me has not yet arrived; but I should not wonder if it were here on Monday or Tuesday.... We have been guessing of what colour it will be. Mrs. J. and I both fixed upon grey, Mrs. Beutel purple, and Mr. Beutel brown. Perhaps after all it will turn out to be blue. I hope that I may have it in time to wear at B.鈥檚 baptism, which I do hope may take place to-morrow week, if some clergyman will only come from Amritsar. To this baptism I look forward with joyful interest. B.鈥檚 white dress is probably ready now. We like converts to wear pure white at baptism. I intend to give J., the Bible-woman, a new skirt to wear on the occasion; and I should like to wear something perfectly fresh too....【有多】

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